Banville & Jones Wine Co. brings the highest quality, best priced, recognized and yet to be discovered wines from around the world home to our customers. These wines are hand chosen and tasted by our team of professionals, and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Banville & Jones Wine Co. carries all of the brands you know and love, and many that are sure to surprise you.


Our staff are wine lovers. They are passionate about wine and food. And most importantly, they're great listeners: they know that in the world of wine lovers there are many different tastes, preferences, and budgets. We invite you to stop in today to explore and experience all the Banville & Jones has to offer.

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The Wine of Tolaini

Tolaini Vladisanti
Picconero 2009

Rich, concentrated and muscular, yet wonderfully balanced.


Tolaini Vladisanti
Valdisanti 2008

Full-bodied with deep but reserved fruit flavors framed by rich oak. A cellar worthy wine.


Tolaini Al Passo
Al Passo 2009

Spicy notes of French oak rise above distinct aromas of cherry and berry. One of our favourites!



The Cellar Door

Issue 19:
Great Wine Cities

A great wine city brings people together with food and wine in a way that seems effortless and fun. Some of these cities are places where we expect this to happen—like Lyon, London, and Melbourne—and some of...

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Taste & Learn - Upcoming Events

Essentials of Wine Level 1

Over two evenings, students are guided through wine styles. grape varieties, and wine making; the basics of wine tasting; food and wine pairing; how quality affects price; and more.
Only 4 SPOTS left!!

Chef Table with Prairie Ink

SOLD OUT!!! Welcome to the Chef's table with Prairie Ink. Tonight we will feature a selection of signature dishes with a few new dishes. Prairie Ink is proud to support our Manitoba farmers, fisherman and food producers. ~Tickets are $85.99/person~

Exploring Tuscany

SOLD OUT!!! Join our wine experts and Amici Restaurant as we explore the fabulous flavours that Tuscany has to offer. ~Tickets are $85.99 per person~

CornerVine Wine Reviews

Chianti Classico Riserva

A special, single vineyard Chianti Classico from our family vineyards near Siena--100% Sangiovese. -TJ

Rated: 92/100
White Blend Lunatic
Luna Vineyards

A crazy combination of richly flavoured varieties, easy going and delicious for a summer evening! Go crazy--enjoy being Lunatic for a day. -SJ

Rated: 90/100
Vin Gris de Cigare
Bonny Doon Vineyard

Wowza this was good. Amazing mouth feel, really beautiful fruit and a very long finish. This is gorgeous, and worth the premium for Rose.

Rated: 90/100

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