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The Wine of Tolaini

Tolaini Vladisanti
Picconero 2009

Rich, concentrated and muscular, yet wonderfully balanced.


Tolaini Vladisanti
Valdisanti 2008

Full-bodied with deep but reserved fruit flavors framed by rich oak. A cellar worthy wine.


Tolaini Al Passo
Al Passo 2008

Spicy notes of French oak rise above distinct aromas of cherry and berry. One of our favourites!



The Cellar Door

Issue 18:
South of France

From the Languedoc-Rousillon through Provence, the south of France produces some of the most interesting, and best value, wines from the country. In this issue, we explore the top 5 features about travelling in the south, the notion of garrigue and the

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Wine Steward 200

Graduates of the course will receive the certification: BJWI Wine Steward including the world renowned WSET® Level 3 Award in Wines & Spirits. This course is the prerequisite to the BJWI Professional Sommelier Program. Cost: $1295 plus GST

Wine Specialist 100

Graduates will receive the certification: BJWI Wine Specialist including the world renowned WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits. BJWI Wine Specialist 100 is the first course leading to the Professional Sommelier Program. Cost: $695 plus GST

Revolution!!! Winemakers Who Break the Rules!!

Discover which Winemakers Who Break the Rules with our Wine Expert. Glass Level- 2 Intermediate ~Tickets are $60.00/person~

CornerVine Wine Reviews

La Vina Rancho
Samsara Wine Company

An intense, deep Pinot Noir that keeps its Pinot structure-- juicy, with dark fruit, a liquorice edge, smooth tannins and a long, supple finish. A special wine for a special occasion! -SJ

Rated: 93/100
1L Malbec
Finca Flichman

Glug Glug Glug. Yum. 1L: when 750mL is just one glass short.

Rated: 86/100
Picconero 2008

A special wine for a special occasion, from my family vineyard in Tuscany. Michel Rolland personally selects the blend for Picconero, and it is always stunning! Give it an hour or so in the decanter and let it aerate--then it will really shine! -TJ

Rated: 96/100

Sylvia Jansen

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  • Certified Sommelier

Mike Muirhead

  • Purchasing
  • General Manager
  • Certified Sommelier

Tina Jones

  • President
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